Transnuclear, Ltd

Be certain - Excellence in Nuclear Logistics

Who we are

Transnuclear, Ltd. is a company established in 1984, in order to provide the solutions for safe transport and storage of radioactive materials.

Global Network

  • Through its strategic network with the entities of Orano TN in France and in the U.S.A. etc., we provide global transport services and world’s most advanced design of transport and dry storage casks.
  • Orano TN has the operational excellence of its 900 employees, with know how accumulated over 55 years, in the nuclear industry all over the world. We have organized 5000 shipments per year, and 1500 dry storage cask loaded around the world.
Who we are

Interface with Industrial Technology

  • We provide seamless service from design, engineering and licensing phase to fabrication phase of the cask, taking advantage of close cooperation with Kobe Steel, which owns high-end manufacturing technology.